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We change status quo of shopping men’s shirts.

Correct size of your shirts is only one – yours. And now you can purchase shirts in the correct size online.


Choose material

Choose one from more than 80 fabrics from the world’s greatest mills. We update our range of fabrics on regular basis, so it corresponds with the current formal and casual trends. For easier orientation, you can filter fabrics by colour, pattern and weave.


Customize details

Customize your shirt with a number of details, so it precisely fits your preferences and occasion. For instance, you can choose your favourite collar, cuffs, back style, placket, buttons, contrast fabrics, or a monogram.



Put in your measurements

To make sure your shirt fits perfectly, we will ask you to put in your measurements when making the first order. You can either measure your body or your favourite shirt. If you put in measurements of your body, we will review them with our unique algorithm before your shirt is tailored to make sure the fitting will be just right.


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To put in the measurements of your favourite shirt is an ideal option – we do not want to recreate something that is already perfect. For measuring your favourite shirt, please follow our detailed instructions.
If you do not already have a shirt, which fits perfectly, you can fill in your body measurements. We measuring yourself, we recommend asking someone to help you and to use a tailoring tape. We also recommend wearing a shirt when measuring your body (the seams will make the orientation easier).
Once your measurements are filled in and order is made, we review your measurements with our unique algorithm to make sure the fitting of the shirt will be just right and that it will look as it should.
If by any chance the shirt will not fit you correctly, you can change any measurements in your profile, or contact us – we will happily help you with any adjustments.


Your perfect shirt

We put a lot of effort and care to every shirt we make. That is why it takes approximately three to four weeks for us to produce your shirt. However, we are still improving and working on speeding the whole process up (without of course impacting the quality of our shirts).

Your perfect shirt


Fabric: Lancaster

Collar: Classic

Cuffs: French

Pocket: No pocket

Placket: Hidden buttons

Buttons: White

Button thread: White

Monogram: PS

Now, you are only few clicks away from your perfect shirt