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We love shirts.

But we do not love shopping for them. That’s why we created Bespoken.

Our Motivation

No one really enjoys shopping for standard size shirts. To finally find a shirt, which is made from a fabric that you like and at the same time it is not too long or too short, not too tight or too baggy is quite a challenge. And finally, if we are lucky enough to find a brand that offers ideal shirts, we do not really want to spend our precious time shirt shopping.

Our Mission

We have decided to solve this problem and created Bespoken. Bespoken offers handmade custom shirts, which you can easily order online (without having to leave your home or office).


Our shirts are made from high quality fabrics produced by the fines mills in the world, such as Soktas. We update our range of fabrics on regular basis, to make sure they correspond to the current formal and leisure trends. We use at least 16 stitches per one inch (whereas the standard shirts are typically with 10 to 12 stitches). This method of stitching guarantees perfect look, as well as great durability of our shirts. The custom tailoring guarantees perfect fit of our shirts. When it comes to measurements, you can provide us either with the measurements of your body, or your favourite shirt or simply with your size. We also offer an option to have your measurements pre-calculated by our unique algorithm.


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“The shirt fits perfectly. This is quite impressive since I used your algorithm to calculate my size.“
Michal, Prague
“The material is beautiful and the shirt fits just right!“
Martin, Brno
“I have never had a shirt that would fit better!“
Jan, Prague

Now, you are only few clicks away from your perfect shirt